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This is our old website. EUroute has recently changed it's name to vroute and the new website is available at



"Five mouse clicks until you're online, flying."

EUroute is a set of programs that make virtual aviation easier and more realistic. At the moment, the EUroute portfolio includes three less or more independent systems:

EUroute Module - a free plug-in for Microsoft Flight Simulator that gives you instant and direct access to important flight plan data, such as route of flight, weather and alternate airports. Over 7500 routes are available.
EUroute Flight Plan Database - a web interface for VAs and VACCs that can be easily built into a website, currently used in 15+ places by over 3000 unique users every month.
EUroute NOTAM Center - a database of virtual aviation NOTAMs, used either directly from VACC website or from the other two systems.


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